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The Written Word

Hi, my name is Spencer Slater and I am a copywriter and voice over artist based in the West Midlands. I understand what it is like to be a small business and to get your voice seen and heard in today’s competitive marketplace. Finding the right words to express the unique selling points of your business are key to generating interest in your products or services. I can help you find the words that will turn general interest into sales and keep your customers coming back to you time and time again.

Please check out the copywriting section of my website to find out which services I offer and how I can help you.

The Spoken Word

There are many channels to market that you can exploit with your business message. Using audio is an innovative way of getting your voice heard and making you stand out from the crowd. For example, having an internet presence is all about providing engaging and rich content that will keep potential customers on your website longer.

The longer they stay, the more interested they become and the more likely they are to buy. Using video and audio on your website will help you achieve this. Please check out the audio marketing section of my website to see how I could help you.



Hayley Cashmore is a digital marketing specialist who runs a company
called Three Spires Consulting Ltd based in Lichfield. As a busy
professional she understands the importance of blog writing as an overall
digital marketing strategy but she doesn’t get the time to write them. I
support Hayley by writing her blog for her covering a wide range of email
marketing, digital media and social media subjects.

Malik Shaqbikayee is a web design and seo specialist who runs a company
called White Room Creative based in Birmingham. Malik works on a number of
bespoke web design and seo projects and invariably the clients he deals
with have not thought about or understand how to construct the copy. I
have worked with Malik’s clients on a number of occasions to ensure that
their copy is professionally presented and delivers the right type of
enquiries and sales for them.The completion of the copywriting also
assists Malik in turning the projects around more quickly.

Ben Fones is a professional photographer based in Perton, Wolverhampton.
Ben works on a variety of wedding, portrait and commercial photography and
is often required to provide copy for wedding magazines. I have worked
with Ben to ensure that his copy represents him appropriately and presents
his services in the best possible way.

Doug D’Aubrey is a management consultant who runs a company called
Executive Training & Consultancy Ltd based in Dudley in the West Midlands.
Doug has produced a series of podcasts and training videos which he needed
assistance with regarding voice over, audio editing and script writing. I
assisted Doug with this project to ensure that he had a finished product
which he could market to promote his business services.


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