Jan 092013

I’ve been writing so many blogs for other people recently that I’ve neglected my own which is a bit of a schoolboy error really. I tell people that I provide a blog writing service then they look at my website and see that I haven’t posted anything for weeks Doh!!

That’s the trouble with being a sole trader I suppose. You’re so busy working for other people and trying to generate that next bit of business that you lose the disciplines that you should be applying to your own business. So here is my first blog for 2013. I guess I better start with wishing you all a Happy New Year. OK, that’s the formalities over with! Only kidding, I do genuinely wish anybody reading this blog a great 2013 and thanks for stopping by to read this post. I really appreciate it and I will really appreciate you sharing it!

So, as I said, I have been blogging for quite a few companies at the moment. I’ve been writing blogs about electronic cigarettes, stone products, email marketing, Six Sigma, IT support. It’s quite a diverse mix. As a blog writer you find yourself becoming a mini-expert in these subjects because a lot of what I do is research. I research the industries, I found out what’s new, what other bloggers might be saying, what the target audience are looking for and then I sit down and try and write something that will generate interest. Sometimes my clients give me a steer on what they want me to write about but most of the time they just leave me to it. This is fine with me because it gives me plenty of flexibility and, to be honest, to try and get a decision from a client about a subject for blogging is like trying to convince a Brit in Kavos to be respectable.

 Talking about being a mini-expert, I recently wrote 20 pages for a website about damp proofing so if you need some advice then give me a shout. On the plus side, being a copywriter definitely increases your general knowledge about subjects you never thought you would care about. For example, did you know that the best time to send out an email campaign is on a Thursday, or that Kylie Minogue spent £25 million on a three bedroom apartment at One Hyde Park, London, or that a quarter of all cancer deaths are caused by smoking. These are all recent topics that I have blogged about.

Blogging for business is another effective tool to have in your marketing armoury. It enables you to update your website with fresh new content which is great for SEO, it helps build your reputation as thought-leader in your industry, and, in conjunction with other social media and digital marketing strategies, blogs do drive traffic to your website. This is why I’m now kicking myself that I haven’t written one for myself for a few weeks. New Year’s Resolution – practice what you preach. Fortunately it hasn’t prevented me picking up new blogging clients so if you want somebody to write a blog for you I am ready, I’m willing and I’m itching to become a mini-expert in something else. Give me a shout.


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